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It looks like spring will finally arrive this week. The weather forecast shows a warming trend and when I step outside I feel spring in the air. I also see little plants sprouting in my garden.

Lilies can be poisonous to pets.Our gardens, while beautiful, are filled with plants and flowers that our toxic to our pets. Did you know that Amaryllis, Easter lilies, Azaleas and Rhododendrons are toxic to cats? Bleeding hearts Iris foxglove and Lilly of the valley are toxic to dogs.

It is the dose that makes the poison. In some cases a small amount of these plants ingested by our furry friends can cause irreparable damage.

If you see your pet eating any of these please call us at (401) 433-2070 right away. 

Dr. Anna Portnoy is Chief of Staff at Riverside Animal Hospital. She has a special interest in small animal dermatology, surgery, and large animal ruminant medicine.