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dog thunderstormWarm summer nights bring thunderstorms and fireworks. Many dogs are frightened by these loud noises.

During a thunderstorm, there is a change in barometric pressure well before the thunder claps and lighting even arrives. Dogs know these storms are coming much earlier than we do.If you wait to give them something to calm them when the first slap of thunder is heard, it is too late. Fireworks, on the other hand, are a more predictable event.

What can pet owners do?

For some dogs, a ThunderShirt works very well. ThunderShirts seem to help them feel safe (much like swaddling an infant or wrapping yourself in blankets.) We have a number of clients that have had success using this product. We like them because there are no side effects.

There are also some calming supplementsĀ and medications that can help. Please feel free to call us atĀ (401) 433-2070 if your dog appears to be stressed out during this season. We will be happy to help figure out what works best for your pet.