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cat verbal By Krista Iacono, Hospital Manager

Does your cat knead?

Cats start to knead at a very early age. They start when they are kittens when they knead their mothers’ stimulated milk flow.

Now that your cat is all grown up, you probably wonder, “why do they still knead?”

Well, I asked my cat, and he didn’t answer. He merely made a few circles in my lap, let me see his butt for a few moments, then proceeded to dig his claws into my thigh.

I always assumed that kneading is a way for them to calm themselves or get comfortable. After researching it further, I learned that Animal Experts say it could be one of these reasons:

• To show affection
• To mark territory: Cats have scent glands between their toes on their front paws
• Separated from mother too early
• Normal behavior of a female cat going into heat

Whether it is a coping mechanism or merely a sign of affection, I think that it is adorable either way!

Check out the picture of my cat Verbal on the right, and let us know what other mysterious habits your pet might have that you’d be interested in reading about!