Please Support Our Holiday Drive & Help Local Pets in Need
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Holiday Pet Supply Drive promo

Riverside Animal Hospital is hosting a Holiday Pet Supply Drive through December 31, 2017. All donations will benefit the stray dogs and cats of the East Providence Animal Control Center (EPACC).

The EPACC's mission is to provide temporary shelter and permanent homes for the stray and abandoned domestic animals within this city, and to advocate for proper treatment and welfare of all animals. The shelter holds up to 40 pets.

To help them with their mission, we will be collecting much needed supplies at our front desk during regular business hours. Items include:

  • Canned or dry food for dogs and cats
  • Kitty litter
  • Pet toys
  • Bedding, blankets and towels

No time to pick up extra stuff? We will be accepting monetary donations for the shelter, too. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support. Happy holidays!

Dr. Portnoy with Nigerian Dwarf goats, Jean, Salvador & VincentWe’re excited to share that Dr. Portnoy has been appointed the veterinarian at the Roger Williams Botanical Center to take care of the goats that have arrived!

She will be helping the staff to keep the new arrivals in good health and available to answer any questions concerning care and preventive medicine.

Dr. Portnoy went out recently for the first time to meet the 8-week-old Nigerian Dwarf goats, Jean, Salvador and Vincent. They are all in good health and very friendly and inquisitive!

Learn about our Large Animal Care here.

Dr. Anna Portnoy and the team at Riverside Animal Hospital are delighted to welcome the patients and clients of Barrington Veterinary Clinic.

welcome signAfter 23 years in business, Dr. Evans must close Barrington Veterinary Clinic due to ongoing health issues. "This has been an extremely painful decision," she says. "Caring for these pets over the years has been the greatest pleasure and privilege. We have always had a strong relationship with Riverside Animal Hospital, and I know that they will provide the same quality of care and personal attention that pet owners have come to expect from us at Barrington."

Xylitol WarningXylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener that has become increasingly popular in dental products and chewing gum over the past few years. It's loved for human consumption because of its low glycemic index and because it is not an "artificial" sweetener.

Recently, peanut butter and other nut butter companies have begun to add this ingredient to their products. The three brands that currently have xylitol in them are Nuts 'n More, Krush Nutrition and P-28 Foods, but there is concern that the ingredient's use in foods may become more widespread.

Xylitol is extremely dangerous to dogs. As pet owners, it's important to always check food labels before feeding something to their pet, especially if the food is marked as "sugar free" or "no sugar added." These foods can cause severe hypoglycemia, and liver failure.