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Dr. Portnoy with Nigerian Dwarf goats, Jean, Salvador & VincentWe’re excited to share that Dr. Portnoy has been appointed the veterinarian at the Roger Williams Botanical Center to take care of the goats that have arrived!

She will be helping the staff to keep the new arrivals in good health and available to answer any questions concerning care and preventive medicine.

Dr. Portnoy went out recently for the first time to meet the 8-week-old Nigerian Dwarf goats, Jean, Salvador and Vincent. They are all in good health and very friendly and inquisitive!

Learn about our Large Animal Care here.

Dr. Portnoy and Hospital Manager Krista appeared on a local TV show recently to discuss pets and how to help keep them calm during the holiday festivities. 

Dr. Anna Portnoy and the team at Riverside Animal Hospital are delighted to welcome the patients and clients of Barrington Veterinary Clinic.

welcome signAfter 23 years in business, Dr. Evans must close Barrington Veterinary Clinic due to ongoing health issues. "This has been an extremely painful decision," she says. "Caring for these pets over the years has been the greatest pleasure and privilege. We have always had a strong relationship with Riverside Animal Hospital, and I know that they will provide the same quality of care and personal attention that pet owners have come to expect from us at Barrington."

Meet Martin. He's a 3-year-old "fainting goat". One day Martin's owners realized that he was having difficulty standing up. They sought medical treatment, yet no one could help him get better. A few days turned into a month, and soon his owners began to worry that they had exhausted all options of healing Martin.  

They called Dr. Portnoy in with the hopes that Eastern medicine might hold the answer. After his first veterinary acupuncture treatment, Martin attempted to stand and we all were hopeful that his condition would continue to improve. Dr. Portnoy has now completed her fourth treatment and Martin is able to stand up and walk around the barnyard.

Xylitol WarningXylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener that has become increasingly popular in dental products and chewing gum over the past few years. It's loved for human consumption because of its low glycemic index and because it is not an "artificial" sweetener.

Recently, peanut butter and other nut butter companies have begun to add this ingredient to their products. The three brands that currently have xylitol in them are Nuts 'n More, Krush Nutrition and P-28 Foods, but there is concern that the ingredient's use in foods may become more widespread.

Xylitol is extremely dangerous to dogs. As pet owners, it's important to always check food labels before feeding something to their pet, especially if the food is marked as "sugar free" or "no sugar added." These foods can cause severe hypoglycemia, and liver failure. 

At Riverside Animal Hospital, we offer a FREE pre-boarding exam for pets of both new and existing clients. Our veterinarians will perform a brief physical exam on your pet to:

  • Boarding Golden Retriever Dog Sleepingconfirm your pet's vaccine history
  • make sure your pet meets all of the necessary boarding requirements (see below)
  • assure we can easily handle your pet in and out of our cages and runs

Our Pet Boarding Policy & Requirements:

  • Dogs must be current on the following vaccines – Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella
  • Cats must be current on the following vaccines – Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies Vaccine
  • All pets must be free from internal and external parasites (negative fecal within 6 months)
  • All vaccines must be done a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding

Call us at (401) 433-2070 to schedule your pet's boarding stay and free pre-boarding exam, or learn more about our pet boarding services.