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Meet Martin. He's a 3-year-old "fainting goat". One day Martin's owners realized that he was having difficulty standing up. They sought medical treatment, yet no one could help him get better. A few days turned into a month, and soon his owners began to worry that they had exhausted all options of healing Martin.  

They called Dr. Portnoy in with the hopes that Eastern medicine might hold the answer. After his first veterinary acupuncture treatment, Martin attempted to stand and we all were hopeful that his condition would continue to improve. Dr. Portnoy has now completed her fourth treatment and Martin is able to stand up and walk around the barnyard.

Here's a couple of pictures of Martin receiving his acupuncture treatments. Keep up the good work, Martin and Dr. Portnoy! We're rooting for you!

Dr. Portnoy administers acupuncture        Dr. Portnoy goat acupuncture