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The Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association has confirmed a number of cases of Canine Influenza in Rhode Island. Canine influenza is a respiratory disease that can spread quickly among dogs, however, it is easily treatable and preventable.

You may wish to consider vaccinating your dogs against canine influenza virus, especially if they come into contact with other dogs at boarding/day care/grooming facilities, dog parks, dog shows or spend time around other dogs that could potentially be exposed. Symptoms can include:

  • Mild low-grade fever
  • Soft, moist (productive) or dry cough lasting 10-30 days
  • Loss of energy and/or appetite
  • Thick, mildly bloody nasal discharge

The best protection against this virus is the influenza vaccine.  While the vaccine does not completely prevent infection, it can dramatically reduce the severity and in some cases, save the life of your pet.  If your pet falls into the high risk category and/or you are planning a summer trip that will require him/her to stay at a local boarding facility you may want to consider vaccinating your pet.

Please call us at 401.433.2070 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to have your dog vaccinated.

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